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Furrion RV Tankless Water Heater

Furrion RV Tankless Water Heater

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Parts 66 Protection

Furrion Tankless Gas Water Heater with Antifreeze Protection- 2.4GPM

You don’t have to sacrifice the amenities of home while traveling in your RV with the Furrion tankless water heater. Our RV water heater handles the demands of running hot water in all faucets, maintaining water pressure and consistent temperatures.

Consistent Hot Water

Stay comfortable with consistent hot water straight from your RV shower and faucets with the Furrion tankless water heater. The output capacity of 2.4 gallons per minute and heating capacity of 60,000 BTUs translates to an RV water heater that is made to keep up with the hot water demands of a busy family on the road. Water temperatures remain consistent thanks to our Vortex technology which prevents cold spots and reduces scalding by constantly mixing water before it comes out of the tap. And the water stays consistently hot even when outside temperatures dip to below 32 degrees. With the new antifreeze protection feature, your tankless water heater will be sure to deliver hot water during any camping season.

Modern Thermostat and Display

Like all Furrion products, aesthetics and function combine to deliver products that perform as well as look great. The tankless water heater includes a modern wall thermostat with LED temperature display and softly lit touch button screen. The flame indicator lets you know the burner is lit and running. There is a low flow meter sensor on the appliance that sends an error code to the thermostat to alert of low water flow. Set water to your desired temperature with the sleek wall thermostat. The display indicates the water temperature and time as well. The improved diagnostics combined with an easy-to-use interface means the thermostat looks great and functions beautifully.

Safety Features

The Vortex technology built into our tankless water heater for RVs not only reduces cold spots but also prevents scalding. Additional safety features include over-temp protection, blower block protection, pressure relief valve to safely vent excess pressure and automatic shut off. Our RV tankless water heater is equipped with Furrion Vibrationsmart™ technology to help withstand shock and vibration. If you are looking to upgrade from an existing traditional, limited capacity tank water heater to our tankless design, simply measure your existing system and indicate which retrofitted door kit you will need.

Furrion Tankless Gas Water Heater with Antifreeze Protection- 2.4GPM, White Features:

  • INSTANT HOT WATER — 2.4 gallons of hot water delivered to your RV faucets per minute and 60,000 BTU means your tankless hot water heater will keep up with the demands of a busy family
  • CONSISTENT TEMP — Equipped with Vortex technology to prevent cold spots and scalding, water is premixed before coming to the tap, resulting in consistent temps
  • SAFETY FEATURES — This water heater is engineered with advanced safety features such as pressure relief valve, over temp protection, blower block protection and auto shut off
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL — The included sleek wall thermostat allows you to set and view your water temperature, time and pressure level and alerts you with an alarm when the pressure is low
  • EASY TO UPGRADE — Designed to retrofit and upgrade limited capacity tank water heaters in a variety of sizes

NOTE: Door kit(s) sold separately. 

NOTE: RV Water Heaters are not eligible for return. If you purchase a water heater that is defective, please visit your local authorized Furrion dealer for inspection. Or, reference the Manufacturer's Warranty if applicable.

Manufacture Warranty: 12 Months

Parts 66 Protection Extended Warranty Available!

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