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Girard GSWH-2 Tankless Water Heater

Girard GSWH-2 Tankless Water Heater

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Girard GSWH-2 Tankless Water Heater

Keep the Hot Water Flowing 

The Girard tankless RV hot water heater is the result of many years of research and experience. It is easy to operate and provides endless water at the precise desired temperature. The onboard microprocessor monitors incoming cold water temperature, flow rate and outgoing hot water temperature to maintain a constant, steady hot water flow. With an ultra-easy installation, this continuous hot water heater for RVs can fit into any tank water heater opening and won’t weigh down your rig with its surprisingly lightweight design. The water heater door is easy to open and close — no more twist latches! The hinged door and sliding latch allow fast, easy access to the water heater, and the silicone exhaust ring adjusts for easy alignment of the exhaust tube. 

Intelligent User Display 

The interior wall-mounted digital controller displays the operating functions and allows for temperature setting adjustments from 95 to 124°F. Parents will love the ability to pre-set the hot water to a lower temperature and not worry that the water may get too hot. The user display also features visual diagnostics that allow for easy troubleshooting. 

A Leader in Tankless Technology 

Girard offers one of the best-selling tankless water heaters in the RV industry, supplying a large number of manufacturers with high-quality hot water solutions. Our on-demand RV tankless heater was developed with state-of-the-art electronics and components. It provides endless hot water with no wait time for showering, dishwashing or laundering — all to empower the mobile lifestyle. 

Girard Tankless RV Water Heater Features 

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE — At 42,000 BTUs, this continuous hot water heater provides optimal performance for RV plumbing. The quiet, brushless motor runs on 12V power that operates at less than three amps for a nearly noiseless operation 
  • CONSISTENT TEMP — The onboard microprocessor monitors incoming cold water temperature, flow rate and outgoing hot water temperature to maintain a steady water flow. It also regulates the burner to maintain a consistent temperature, preventing cold spots and scalding water 
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT — The Girard RV tankless water heater consumes half the LP gas that a six-gallon tank water heater would consume for the same amount of hot water 
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL — With a digital user control panel, you can adjust the temperature setting from 95 to 124°F, toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, get a continuous water outlet temperature reading and more. For easy troubleshooting, the control panel also displays error codes if issues arise 
  • EASY INSTALLATION — With the lightweight and compact design, the Girard hot water heater fits in any tank water heater cut-out opening and weighs 23 lbs. Additionally, there is no need for bypass plumbing, no tank to drain and no anode rods to change 

NOTE: Door kit(s) sold separately.

NOTE: RV Water Heaters are not eligible for return. If you purchase a water heater that is defective, please visit your local authorized Girard dealer for inspection. Or, reference the Manufacturer's Warranty if applicable.

Manufacture Warranty: 12 Months

Parts 66 Protection Extended Warranty Available!

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